Here you can view and book services that are available at DHQ such as the climbing wall or shooting.

You can also see what existing sessions are already booked using the integrated calendar.

If you want free WiFi during your visit then please make sure you select “Yes” at the bottom of the booking page. You will then be sent a code that can be used on 5 separate devices for 1 day.

If you require to use more than 5 devices during your session then please let us know in the comments box when completing your booking.

Please click on the following link to access the booking page;

Bookings Page

If you have any issues, please email

If booking an activity i.e climbing, shooting or radios then this is a request and each activity reserves the right to cancel bookings if they cannot be staffed on the date requested.

DHQ Guest Booking WiFi log in page will look like this, your 10 digit voucher access code will be issued prior to your booked session.