There are four roles available for the Trustee Board which are Chair, Treasurer, Board Member and Secretary. Brief role descriptions for the four available roles are below and if you are interested, an application form is linked at the bottom of this page.


  • Lead the Trustee Board. 
  • Plan when Trustee Board meetings should take place, and decide what to talk about at each meeting. 
  • Lead Trustee Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 
  • Liaise with Lead Volunteers. 
  • Lead recruitment for new Trustees. 
  • Support other Trustees by organising inductions, making reasonable adjustments (where needed), checking in to see how they’re getting on, and carrying out annual reviews. 


  • Look after finances, such as making sure Groups / Districts are collecting all membership fees and making all payments. 
  • Share details about income and spend with other Trustees. 
  • Make sure Gift Aid is being claimed. 
  • Make sure proper accounts are kept and draw up policies on finance and investment. 

Board Member

  • Be an active member of the Board.
  • Willingness to contribute.

Secretary (Non Trustee Role) 

  • Provide administrative support to the running of the Trustee Board. 
  • Act as Secretary for the relevant Scout Council. 
  • Work with the Chair of the Trustee Board to set meeting agendas and arrange meeting logistics for the Trustee Board. 
  • Taking accurate and accessible minutes of Trustee Board meetings. 
  • Distributing agendas, minutes and supporting documents for Trustee Board meetings. 
  • Maintaining accurate records for the administration of the District. 
  • Ensuring the safety and security of records maintained by the Trustee Board, complying with appropriate legal requirements. 
  • Communicating with the Trustee Board and relevant Scout Council. 
  • Support the completion of the Annual Census return. 
  • Preparing the appropriate administration for the Annual General Meeting, including collating the Annual Report and Accounts for the Annual General Meeting. 

Skills for a Secretary: 

  • Strong organisational skills 
  • Strong communication skills 
  • Ability to work as part of a team 
  • Able to think creatively and solve problems 
  • Good IT skills 
  • Ability to summarise information for different audiences 

General Information about a Trustee Role 

Role Outline: Warrington West District Scout’s Trustee Board is a team of volunteers who work together, as charity Trustees, to make sure Warrington West District Scouts is run safely and legally. At the heart of their role is a focus on strategy, performance, and assurance.  

Together, Trustees make sure the charity is well managed, risks are assessed and mitigated, buildings and equipment are in good working order, and everyone follows legal requirements and The Scout Association’s Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR). Their support helps other volunteers run a fantastic programme that gives young people skills for life (and experiences they’ll remember forever). 

Main Contacts: 

  • Chair/Deputy Chair of the Trustee Board 
  • Lead Volunteer 
  • Treasurer 
  • Secretary 
  • Youth Lead 
  • Other Trustees 

Main Tasks: 

  • To be a full and active participant in Trustee Board meetings and activities 
  • To uphold the responsibilities of a Trustee Board as outlined in The Scout Association’s Policy Organisation and Rules (see below) 
  • Willingness and eligibility to act as a Charity Trustee for Cheshire Scouts 
  • Contribute to the strategic aims and future development of Cheshire Scouts 
  • A commitment to understanding and forming opinions on the key discussion points and responsibilities of the Trustee Board 
  • Willingness to complete various tasks which support the work of the Trustee Board and the aims of Cheshire Scouts. 
  • Other tasks agreed with the Chair of the Trustee Board and District Lead Volunteer. 

Term of Office: 3 years (renewable a maximum of 2 times, 9 years maximum) 

Time Commitment: The Trustee Board meet six times per year, plus the Annual General Meeting. 

Appointment requirements: 

  • Must successfully complete the appointment process (including acceptable personal enquiries and acceptance of The Scouts policies). 
  • Complete the Getting Started Training within the first 5 months in this role and keep mandatory ongoing learning current during the time in this role. 
  • Must be eligible for Charity Trustee Status (as a member of the County Trustees Board. 

Skills for a Trustee: 

  • Ability to work as part of a team 
  • Strong communication skills 
  • Able to think creatively and solve problems 
  • Able to handle and resolve conflict effectively 
  • Willing to speak one’s mind and listen to the views of others 
  • Able to maintain independent and objective judgement 
  • Willing to actively design and contribute to the strategic vision of Warrington West District Scouts 
  • Willingness to take decisions which will further the work of Warrington West District Scouts. 

Background: We’re Scouts and everyone is welcome here. Scouts is the UK’s biggest mixed youth organisation. We prepare young people with skills for life. Warrington West District Scouts is a separate charity with its own trustee board, but within a federation of Scout charities operating under the auspices of a Royal Charter. 

If you would like to apply please complete this form

More information about the role can be found here or email